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I’m alive

July 25, 2010

and breathing. Just busy, really. Preliminary exams coming up in two weeks. Have to prepare!

An entry about Inception

July 19, 2010

Leonardo DiCaprio is such a great great actor. My mom and I agree he’s quite talented. I like all of his movies. Anyway, since I’m a believer of dreams (because I’m a Capricorn), I pulled my mom into watching the movie one Sunday night.

Your mind is the scene of the crime. The tagline would lead you into thinking that they’re planting a crime in someone’s mind. But no, they don’t, or maybe I’m the one who’s misled. But anyway, it is true that we create crimes in our minds. It’s like we only think of doing something illegal, something forbidden, but most of us (thank God) don’t actually push through with our ideas. We only play and play them on our minds, or ideas of crime just brushed past by us. But it all happen in the mind.


The actors. Everyone did an excellent job in portraying their roles. I really think they delivered well (or the word well maybe an understatement). But all in all they contributed beautifully and intelligently in the movie.


The concept of dreams. If you think hard enough about dreams (which I do on a daily basis), all of what they said about dreams and ideas, being a seed, when you plant it in someone’s mind it could spread like a virus, is actually true. Although I do not know anything about the levels of sleep or dreams, if the information were real they it’s quite an interesting field. So, I have actually considered taking up Medicine (after all) and probably specialize in the neuro. But I think, if I wanted to know more about the brain, (but not actually cure anything) I think I’d rather be a researcher and not a doctor. Putting aside personal preferences…


Reality and Dreams. Brilliant minds think alike. haha! My friend and I actually talked about dreams and the world. The possibility that the world we live in right now is actually not real, and that death is the only escape, which was actually portrayed in the movie as well. In order to wake up from all of this, you’d have to die. Also, ahem, I haven’t quite changed at all, to be honest. I still believe, sometimes, that I would be happy in my dreams. That I could build a whole new world (please don’t start singing) in my own mind and that I could live in it with someone. This was also exemplified in the movie.


Lessons. As I have related quite well in this movie, like this tops all of my favorite dream movies, (Vanilla Sky tagging behind), I am still thinking or realizing what I learned. Most of the times, when you see or read something that is the same or a copy of what you believe in, all the more that you feel that you are right, or on the right track. Or like, it confirms what you believe in. However, seeing this particular movie, like any Art, I realized that I’m not alone in having thought of these ideas. Yep, just like that, like any Paulo Coelho books, I’m not alone. People think about these things too.

So what now?

Overall. Since we had the same ideas, they just made it more interesting when they thought of stealing/planting ideas from the dream state. I was quite entertained by the action scenes especially when Joseph Gordon-Levitt was what, trying to punch some guys off while walking around the hall of a hotel. Hmm.. i don’t know how to explain it, let me just show you the scene.


Yeah, he was doing this. The scenes where he was fighting off some guys were one of the coolest!

So anyway, I love this movie for the dream concept. It was totally me. And the action scenes too were quite great! (Yeah, for a kid like me. hehe)

So to a friend who mentioned that I must be getting my ideas from books and movies, I realized that I already have the ideas, I have concluded them in my mind already before watching films like this. So i don’t get my ideas from them. It’s really from myself after all. I just reference them to movies and books so that you’ll get me. haha!

P.S. Oh yeah, since the movie gave a me a rush, it’s like watching Italian Job or any Ocean’s movies (Ocean’s 11,12,13). Instead of stealing objects, they’re planting ideas. heh, yeah it just gave me an impression I’m watching any of the two movies.

The view while studying in my room

July 12, 2010

I looked up just now and saw some clouds moving. It’s funny how some clouds move faster, and some clouds appear to be steady. Maybe the moving clouds were just nearer my line of sight.

It’s what you do after that counts..

July 8, 2010

After a very tiring, and frustrating day, (I just had 2 major exams for 2 of my subjects) I decided to buy myself a comfort food of mine, Krispy Kreme’s Caramel Creme Krunch. I really wanted to eat this lovely treat because I just had a supposed to be long exam in genetics but it turned out to be preliminary exam-ish. Although it stuck to its name, being a long exam. Really, it was long. 114 points. Too bad I really wasn’t able to understand the second chapter which took up most of the questions. Ha, I miss my old first year Biology book by Brooker and Widmaier. Too bad Ondoy washed the pages with its bacteria, soil and what nots. That book was  really a great one, I understood the topics genetics, chromosome, chromosome numbers when I read that specific chapter. 😦

Anyway, it’s what you do after that counts.. look what I did! I ate my favorite donut! =) Stay happy!

Somewhere Trailer

July 6, 2010

This is an upcoming film of Sofia Coppola. I’m looking forward to another great eye opener, feast for the eyes and ears movie!

++ good thing I took a break from studying, or else, would have learned about this kinda late na. ++

Great song in the trailer too! “I’ll try anything once” by Julian Casablancas, listen to The Strokes’ demo version too, which is equally great.

Ten decisions shape your life,
you’ll be aware of 5 about,
7 ways to go through school,
either you’re noticed or left out,
7 ways to get ahead,
7 reasons to drop out,
when i said ‘ I can see me in your eyes’,
you said ‘I can see you in my bed’,
that’s not just friendship that’s romance too,
you like music we can dance to,

Sit me down,
Shut me up,
i’ll calm down,
and i’ll get along with you,

There is a time when we all fail,
some people take it pretty well,
some take it all out on themselves,
some they just take it out on friends,
oh everybody plays the game,
and if you don’t you’re called insane,

Don’t don’t don’t don’t it’s not safe no more,
i’ve got to see you one more time,
soon you were born,
in 1984,

Sit me down,
shut me up,
i’ll calm down,
and i’ll get along with you,

Everybody was well dressed,
and everybody was a mess,
6 things without fail you must do,
so that your woman loves just you,
oh all the girls played mental games,
and all the guys were dressed the same,

Why not try it all,
if you only remember it once,
oooh ooooooh,

Sit me down,
shut me up,
i’ll calm down,
and i’ll get along with you,

(okay one more time)

While studying just this morning

July 4, 2010

My new calendar, fixed it just last night. I changed the cartolina. I realized I should not have lined the plastic cover with a marker, it’s useless anyway.

The view from my terrace.

I was studying in my room and when I opened the door, look who I found!

Just a door sign I made, because everyone here was calling me! Will add additional design later one. (Maybe next Saturday)

Harry looking out the terrace.

He’s still guarding my room. No one is allowed to enter but myself and him. ❤

You should just accept me for who I am

July 3, 2010

I don’t have to change. This is who I am. I might learn in the process of living. But you just have to accept who I am for now.

That’s the kind of person whom I need.


P.S. I just finished watching Veronika Decides to Die. I only have the adjective beautiful to describe the movie. The music, the setting, the environment, the lines. *sigh* Paulo Coelho is a genius, and the director, Emily Young is a genius as well. What a beautiful and creative way to shoot the film.

You know I believe that I get depressed when others do not approve of my feelings, or my thoughts, or my world. I just have to be myself, and be contented (and eventually get happy) with it.

According to the Sufi teacher from the movie, we have two options:

  1. We can control our minds
  2. Let our minds control us

So far, I could still control my mind, but a lot of times, I just wish it could control me. Of course, nothing violent like killing hehe. But anyway, I have the enjoyment of imagination, feeling in my mind, conversations in my head.

Anyway, more thoughts to ponder. It’s now the first wee minutes of another day!